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Wagon Tours

For unique family fun, relive Canada’s pioneer heritage on a horse-drawn covered wagon tour.  Travel into a simpler time, where hoof beats and the jingle of harness pace the day’s journey, as the day’s panoramic landscape rolls by. Pauses along the way offer opportunities to explore wildflower meadows, rolling terrain and vegetation, including medicinal herbs and wildlife the Riding Mountain area is famous for.

Riding Mountain National Park is a unique sanctuary in the heart of the continent, where prairies, northern spruce woods and eastern hardwoods meet. The largest elk and Black bear in North America roam here. You may also spot wolves, coyotes, foxes, beaver, bobcat, and muskrat. In the sky you might see marsh hawks, red-tailed hawks and eagles, spruce grouse and songbirds. The waterproof canvas wagon cover offers protection from rain and sun as you journey on.

Relive the past in stories and campfire songs, should yours be an overnight tour. Choose from Day trips, Weekender and three day tours. All trips offer the hands-on experience of hitching and handling heavy horses, with up-front driving for those who wish to learn how it’s done. Routes are planned for Strathclair and Central trails, with rally points at the north end of the Park Bison range. 

  • * Booking fees are per wagon rental, (flat fee) Maximum persons 12, per hour, plus taxes


  • Wagon tours are five to six hour round trip duration, depending on the destination. The wagon fee is separately calculated as a flat fee

  • * Overnight trips have a per person fee that includes meals, tent camp, gear wagon, guiding services, per night:


  • * Children 12 and under are half price, and kids 3 and under ride free.