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Adventurer Youth Wrangler Camp 2021

Each riding season since 1983, a limited number of young people take the challenge to live a week totally immersed in horse culture. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded new riding friends, learn to pack and ride well, and really explore. Riding Mountain National Park is the wilderness trails destination adjacent the Ranch.

Trailhead Ranch will host a new session this year for youth 12-14 and 15-18. Each rider is assigned one of our horses to catch, groom, saddle and ride for the week. Teen riders will learn about, participate and live in horse culture from sun-up ‘til sun-down.

New this year, is a second session that takes you camping, with your horse!

We explore all types of terrain, and establish a true horse and rider bond with the help of experienced leadership and individualized coaching. Ranch owner Anne Schuster co-ordinates the sessions each year, with a careful balance of safety ethics and a solid horsemanship program. Add to this environmental awareness of the Park, animal tracking, horse packing, and wildlife watching, and you get a great mix of fun, adventure, and horsemanship skill.

Accommodation on site is in a canvas walled Bunkhouse, and in tents. Horse Campout sessions use tents for accommodation while in the Park. Riders share in cooking, packing and clean up chores every day. We’re all in as a team!

Summer sessions are non-denominational and stress pro-active socialization. A limit of 10 riders allow for small group dynamics, daily personalized horsemanship clinics, adventure, evening bonfires and sharing circles. The art of storytelling is revived and all riders are encouraged to share.

For session details and a pack list, download the Brochure, and Registration.

Make this your year to jump in, join up, ride on…..!”

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“There are only two gifts your child really needs…
One is ROOTS, the other WINGS…..
Our horses don’t have wings, but when they carry children, they feel like they do!”

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