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Welcome to Trailhead Ranch

Trailhead Ranch has been a wilderness experience destination for small scale horse pack trips and Ranch vacations for outdoor enthusiasts in mid-west Manitoba for over 39 years. The Western Canadian experience begins in Riding Mountain Country.

The Ranch is located close to crystal blue Clear Lake, at the southern boundary of Riding Mountain National Park. Trails access 2600 square km of undulating wilderness, thick with forests, rolling prairies, and wetlands, waiting to be explored on Trail Rides.

Owner, guide, horse trainer, teacher, writer, artist, and storyteller Anne Schuster began years ago with spirited outdoor education programs and horseback getaways. A reputation for warm, inspiring, insightful, and entertaining service started early. Knowledgeable horsemanship, and an ability to pack into and enjoy the great outdoors, no matter what the weather or circumstance, has been honestly come by over the years.

The riding team at Trailhead, complete with awesome volunteers and youth helpers work hard to bring personalized hosting and unique horseback experiences to the recreational riding community. Completing the roster of family friendly horse adventures are trail rides, youth camps, covered wagon tours and horse pack trips.

“At Trailhead, you’ll discover many pathways to Adventure. “Cowboy-up!” …. Learn to ride, drive or pack a horse, throw a lasso. Plan your family celebrations with our equine friends, our good nature and great food. Go fishing on a day trip, track wildlife, or just relax and enjoy the solemn majesty of wilderness that is Riding Mountain National Park.”

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