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Horse Pack Trips

A good horse, well packed, solid trails and good company are all you need to catch the sun’s rays at dawn or sundown.  Our horses have the experience to take you there. Make this your year to book a longer trip and experience entry into ancient timber stands, opening into wide open prairie theaters under big sky. Riding Mountain National Park is a rolling western landscape that boasts a great natural diversity of plant and animal life.  It’s an area just large enough for rare lynx, wolf, and thousands of elk, moose and deer to survive.

Your horse is chosen for your riding abilities, and you start at the beginning, catching, grooming and saddling your mount, ready for the day’s ride. You’ll be congenially coached on effective horsemanship, how to spot wildlife, and be an active observer of the incredible natural world around you.

You mount up, and in an instant, you’ve become a mounted adventurer, roaming new trails on a journey that will serve the body and spirit well!  Experience trail riding along wild streams and lakes that are home to bald eagles, hawks, osprey and waterfowl. Enjoy great meals prepared over open fires. Join in chores at the end of the day, as camp is set up along Kinnis Creek, Gunn Lake, Whitewater Lake, or in the Sugarloaf Hills.

“….A day in the wilderness is a day spent in the home of wild creatures great and small, a journey into flowering meadows, past marshes teeming with life. It is quiet entry into ancient and impressive timber stands, where woods become patterns of deep forest shade, glowing sun, and pristine blue lakes. Nights become cool, dark mysteries in Nature’s nocturnal wilderness, as sounds and songs drift, alive, met with crackle of a lone campfire.”