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Terms and Conditions

Trail Ride Cancellation Policy

All rides on the ranch and into the boundary trails have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations outside of 24 hours receive a full refund. Cancellation within the 24 hours prior to saddling and tour departure is 100% non-refundable. Payments made within 24 hours could possibly be rescheduled on availability within three calendar months on request.

Rides are conducted in light rain or shine, except for lightening storms. In the event a ride is cancelled because trail conditions are unsafe, we will not apply charges, and will try our best to reschedule your ride.

Back Country Cancellation Policy

All back country horse pack trips are subject to a 30 day cancellation and change policy. No refunds can be given on a trip in progress. In case of inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances, we strongly recommend that all guests purchase travel, health, and cancellation insurance prior to their trip.

Back Country User Fees

Parks Canada has instituted fees per person or per site for guests of Riding Mountain National Park staying in the back country. Your contributions will help cover the costs of trail maintenance and repairs, warden services, wildlife monitoring, and public information and safety. This fee is included in your trip rate, and is remitted to Parks Canada on your behalf.

Age & Experience Levels

All experience, even no experience can be accommodated on rides at Trailhead Ranch. Rides are conducted to the level of the least experienced rider. For your safety, a pre-ride orientation is included in your riding experience. You will be shown how to balance correctly on your horse safely, how to control the reins, and communicate with your horse. Trail hazards are reviewed, and instruction given on how to deal with possible situations on the trail. Every effort will be made to organize tours for various riding skill levels, from beginners to experienced. All rides are guided. Riders must follow the instruction of the trail guides.

Age & Weight Restrictions

Just about any age can be accommodated for riding, either on horseback, or by lead line. The ability to balance safely on a horse is mandatory when deciding to ride. Please note that some weight restrictions apply, to accommodate safety standards on rugged terrain. Maximum weight limit is 240 lbs, for all horseback rides.


We strongly recommend that all guests purchase travel, health, and cancellation insurance prior to booking a trip. Please note that each adult rider will be required to sign a waiver releasing Trailhead Ranch and Her Majesty in Right of Canada as represented by Parks Canada Agency from all risk (for RMNP riders). Safety experts recommend the use of hard hats/riding helmets and smooth soled boots with heels on a ride. Helmets are provided on your ride and are mandatory.

Waiver & Check-In

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your ride time to allow for signage of the waiver for each rider in your tour party. Parents and Guardians must sign a waiver per child under 18 years of age. Riders who are late run the risk of being left behind and may be charged as if they were a no-show.


To maximize your trail ride experience, please make sure you’re covered with appropriate layers in extreme hot or cold temperatures. For summer, long-sleeved shirts or nylon windbreakers are recommended as sun cover, and insect repellent. Bags, purses, large cameras cannot be taken on horseback for rider balance and safety. No ponchos, shorts, or flip flops please, nothing that flaps noisily or leaves skin open to damage from branches and bushes along the trails. The Ranch cannot be responsible for cell phones that can get crushed or dropped en route. Cell phones used for photography are best kept in zippered pockets.

Helmets are mandatory. A selection of helmets are available to loan, or you can bring your own. Cowboy boots in some sizes are also available to borrow for those that require safe footwear. Bring socks!


Payment acceptance is  by etransfer, Bank Draft in CDN Funds,Canadian Cheques, and cash paid prior to the ride, as per registration process. (Check Registration)


All bookings are subject to a 5% Goods and Services Tax.


Trailhead Ranch is a non-smoking environment for animals and humans. Smoking any substance is not allowed within the ranch gates, or on any trails on the ranch or in the Park.


Please do not bring unrestrained pets of any kind onto the ranch grounds in consideration of all resident animals, large and small. The safety of any pets brought on site is at your own risk. Horses can become very agitated and frightened of strange animals, especially dogs. Canines are the recognized predator of the horse, by instinct.