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Blog Bits

Fresh, new, energizing…a description for colts, kids, and the sun sparkling up into a new dawning day. And now, that could also describe the new Trailhead Ranch web site!  A hearty thank you to Jan Matthews of Skyline Design for her endless patience and team effort in the production of this site. It sure was a challenge to dally up a fresh, in depth look at horse adventures, from the early years to now. Jan has a boundless sense of adventure, as she shares her own travel stories at


Welcome! It’s the 2013 launch of a new Trailhead Ranch web site, complete with slide shows,early years pics to enjoy, and this BlogBits page to share musings, soap box oratories, even a bit of cowboy poetry and good natured rants on important horse and rider, family getaway, trail and National Park related issues. Join the conversation, whether you own one horse or many, or simply wish you could.


This early in the riding season, thoughts drift to new horseback adventures for many of us. You might enjoy the special message in an article published in Horse Country magazine, called “Building the Heart of a Champion”. It’s for anyone with kids who love horses.


Connections!   A links page is under construction, with well earned recommendations to do business, learn, or simply visit good people to deal with. BlogBits is not just about a bit of commerce, political awareness of our Canadian wilderness trails, or a shared love of horses.  It’s about connections that are important, informative, entertaining, inspiring, and from the heart. You’re part of the horse community, whether you are a trail ride expert, a trainer, a Teen Horse Camp enthusiast, family adventure seeker, or interested in volunteering on a horse ranch. It’s a lifestyle. If it’s yours, do share what you know and care to share.


Enjoy! Check the topics list, make inquiries, send info, meet like-minded people in the greater equine circle of life. “The sun never sets on a trail rider’s dreams.”


Anne Schuster
Owner, Outfitter and Guide
Licenced by Federal Parks Canada